Triple Play

Networking. Exercise. A smart update for your resume. Why wait? Sign up for a fundraising walk this spring.

Choose a cause that is near and dear to your heart– and perhaps significant in your industry. Financial sector? Think CIBC Run for the Cure on Sept 30, 2012.

Healthcare? Try Walk for Life Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada. For Prevention, Education & Cardiac Rehabilitation 3 km & 5Kkm walk, 5 km run & 10 km cycle, May 27, 2012.

You can also combine causes – international + Non-profit = Running for Wells on May 26th in Burlington . A 5k and 10k run as well as a 3k Walk with Water. All proceeds go to HOPE International Development Agency to bring clean water to those who need it.

You can touch base with your professional community by contacting key members of your network for pledges – combined, of course, with a personal check in on how things are going for them at the moment. Perhaps you’d like to go a step further and create a walking group from your colleagues and contacts. You can also volunteer to help plan the event or participate on run day as an organizer.

Update your online presence with news of the run and share positive messages about the results you achieved. Then add the event to your resume under ‘Volunteer Contributions’. Employers and potential employers often support community causes as part of their social responsibility platform. When they see you are like-minded it helps to strengthen the values and mission bond between you.

And while you are at it, why not expand on the triple play by taking on a couple of walks in the spring. The results could be exponential.