Ask Yourself This

When it’s time to step back and take a hard look at the job you have there are a few questions that come in handy.

Some are obvious. Is this a healthy workplace? Do I enjoy the people I work with? Am I being paid what I’m worth?

But here’s the main one – Would I interview today for the job I have now?

Let’s put it more accurately – If your current job was posted now would you be first in line to apply for it – or would you turn and run to make a clean getaway?

Sometimes the role we started with has changed so much that it’s almost unrecognizable. What looked appealing in the original job description, lots of people contact, some project work and a chance to develop new programs, has evolved over time into something else – more sales-focus, more analysis, more administration. You’ve adapted – even with a smile at times. You know business needs do change. So you’ve risen to the challenge and tackled the new demands. It’s professional growth after all, and that’s true to a point.

What’s also true is that the skills you are building now are the ones you will be selling to land your next job. So if they are not in line with what you truly want to do – or more importantly – who you want to become, it may be a time to reconsider the direction you are heading in.

We know careers are built one job at a time – make sure this job is still right for you.